Property rental deduction claims mostly refused

An individual has been mostly unsuccessful before the AAT in challenging the Tax Commissioner's decision to refuse a variety of deductions relating to rental properties. The individual, who worked full-time as an industrial chemist, owned rental properties with her husband and had done so for many years. In the 2003, 2004 and 2005 income years, they owned nine rental properties. The taxpayer declared a net rental loss for those years, arguing that she carried on a business of letting rental properties.

The AAT agreed that the taxpayer was carrying on a business of letting rental properties and allowed some claims, including part of her telephone, computer and other work-related expense claims. However, it refused most of the other disputed expenses, which included car expenses, travel expenses, repair and maintenance costs and the costs of investment courses and seminars. The AAT refused the claims, saying they either lacked the necessary connection with the individual's income-producing activities, or there was insufficient evidence to support the claims